Eco Friendly Bamboo Plant Pots

jpot Ingredients

We use bamboo, plant derived resin and natural colouring to manufacture jpots. Bamboo grows at unbelievable speeds, some species can grow more than a metre per day & requires no pesticides or fertilizer. Plant resin is better for the environment than those horrible chemical resins & natural food quality colouring which is even approved by the FDA.

jpot Manufacture Process

The bamboo is ground to a fine dust, powdered resin & colouring are added, and the exact quantity used for each pot is weighed on digital scales to ensure zero waste. This quantity is then loaded into the former which is subject to intense heat and pressure to form the final product.

jpot Product

The final product is a quality, durable, long lasting pot made with the environment in mind at every step. jpots will eventually biodegrade, but have a minimum 4 year life span. Single-use products are not environmentally friendly & that's why we have made sure this product is both biodegradable, but also very much re-usable.


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